May 29, 2021 @ 9:28 PM

I don’t know if there any rules to blogging, so I am making them up as I go! 

This space will be used for spiritual encouragement, changing perspectives, and sharing positivity that will help us navigate through real-life issues without losing HOPE. 


HOPE is not a warm fuzzy feeling that all is well or everything is going to be alright.

HOPE is not a far-fetched belief that the bad things in my life will one day suddenly turn to good.

HOPE is not walking around with blinders on, ignoring life circumstances, and wishing they will change.


In real-life HOPE looks like this:

HOPE is the child that goes to school every day with the expectation that bullying will stop.

HOPE is the high school student that ignores the words of low expectations spoken by some teachers/counselors and pursues their education anyway.

HOPE is the young adult entering the workforce and taking on the world even with uncertainty.

HOPE is the single mom who pushes herself every day to be the best mother that she can be.

HOPE is the person addicted to drugs, that keeps getting up every day to try again.

HOPE is the young married couple that refuse to give up on each other.

HOPE is the person living with a disease and makes every doctor’s appointment, takes medications, and endures surgeries in spite of the pain or prognosis.

HOPE is working a job for many years watching younger less qualified people get promoted simply because of the color of their skin or their gender.

HOPE is the wrongly accused person who continues to stand with dignity and respect in spite of what others say.

HOPE is the person in jail who looks forward to getting out one day and starting a new life.

HOPE is the person who is kind, respectful, and considerate of those who slander their name.

HOPE is the woman who struggles with insecurity about her looks, but carries herself with dignity and respect while celebrating her beauty and others.

HOPE is the woman who can’t bear children, loving and caring for other children…until it is her turn.

HOPE is an internal truth that drives how you handle your external reality every day.

If you are getting up every morning and doing the very best you can - You have HOPE and you don’t even realize it! 

Keep Going.