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When God allows us to experience the unexpected loss of a child or other loved one, or to face a tragedy of any sort, the pain can be unthinkable. In fact, it can be so deep that we cannot even express our grief with mere words. Arlener takes us on the rollercoaster journey of her own tragic storm. From the moment she learned of the unexpected death of her son to the “life in the fog” that followed.  Through Flashes in the Fog, God would show up in jaw-dropping, amazing ways to let her know that He was right there by her side in the darkness!
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In order to thrive as Christian women in today’s secular workplace, Danielles must learn not only how to deal with but how to rise above the challenges that they face with grace and godliness.  Danielle in the Lion’s Den is a daily devotional that gives practically and wise advice as women encounter difficult situations in the workplace.   She does not always make the right choices, but she learns how to survive and thrive the workplace – her own lion’s den!

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, our initial response is fear.   After that the journey of love through the good, the bad and the ugly begins.  Arlener shares what she learned about dementia and care-giving with the hope that it helps someone else who is starting this journey.  She shares the  dos and don’ts of caring for a dementia patient, how to create new memories, and how to care for yourself. The most amazing discovery is that  dementia does not change the spirit of a person – it remains totally intact.   Despite dementia, they created new memories as they sang, danced, and shared stories.  Although the memory faded, they always remembered  to laugh.

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