"Hope is not ignoring or glossing over life’s circumstances, challenges, or even tragedies.
Hope is facing them head on, with an unexplainable certainty that you will make it through,
emerge stronger and be immensely grateful."


Arlener is a fun-loving wife, mother, woman who considers encouraging others her very lifeline. She is an author who writes with HOPE!

In her first book entitled “Flashes in the Fog,” Arlener candidly shares her experiences with God as He made Himself known in her darkest moments.

Arlener’s second book, “Danielle In The Lion’s Den – A Devotional For Women In The Workplace,” provides candid insights for women in the workplace as they face daily challenges.

Her latest book, “Remember to Laugh, Nurturing the Soul Inside Of Dementia” is a story about love and laughter on the dementia journey. It  provides insight on your journey that will keep you grounded, encouraged and watchful in every moment. 

Her labor Love is the Artis-the Artist” Foundation. A 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation founded in memory of her son AJ, has been providing scholarships to students studying “The Arts” since 2012 (www.Artis-the-Artist.com).

Arlener faithfully serves with the Meet Me @ The Cross Ministries under the leadership of her husband of 25 years, Pastor L.A. Poydras. She is also an active volunteer with several organizations and enjoys teaching and speaking God’s word throughout her community.  In her spare time Arlener enjoys traveling and relaxing.

Proceeds From Books Sales and Donations Benefit Scholarship Recipients